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Kuchi Elephant and Mala Hematite Bracelets!

Kuchi Elephant and Mala Hematite Bracelets!

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Really love the shimmery richness of these beautiful Blue Sunstone and Jasper bracelets!

The Kuchi coin is a favorite charm for RAelements and runs through hour collections. This Kuchi Coin Elephant Bracelet also has Blue Sunstone, Smokey Quartz, iridescent Moonstone, a sparkly Druzy bead and a Ghost bead! (The purple one!) And the little Elephant is just too cute ☺️ 

The Mala Bead and Hematite Bracelet enjoys some super reflective yellow Tiger Eye, some Jasper and Ghost beads, Sunstone and one very special hand-painted Om Pearl! The two etched Mala beads bring size & texture and look amazing!