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Om & Abalone Tiger Eye Bracelet!

Om & Abalone Tiger Eye Bracelet!

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Love the combo of these rich blue 10mm Tiger Eye Gemstones with these fun elements. The iridescence alone is a showstopper!

Let’s begin with the charm, an adorable Om symbol, reminding you to breath and find “calmness” throughout your day. 🧘‍♀️ 

So many great accents, like the inlaid Rosewood Abalone bead. It really plays off the gemstones’ reflective qualities. There is a Dumortierite, a Labradorite and a Druzy bead. A lot of flash going on in the sunlight.

Altogether, a very pretty combo! If you don’t have any blue semiprecious bracelets, in our opinion 😉, you should.