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Labradorite Amulet Bracelet!

Labradorite Amulet Bracelet!

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Gray bracelets are a must! These Labradorite gemstones are a really nice color too. Sometimes Labradorite can go a little too green or brown - which can be fabulous in the correct application, mind you. But these beauties are the perfect gray with blue undertones, keeping them in a more pure hue.

And you can easily mix and match with other semiprecious beads. 

This bracelet has one of our favorite charms, an “old silver,” antique Tibetan amulet. We’ve then complemented the charm with a bright silver bead and a shiny Hematite Cross! The different textures of smooth and faceted beads gives it life! 

Enjoy these gorgeous treasures every day! 
*Shown with our “Labradorite RA Bracelet”!