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Gray Gemstone & Aqua Glass Bracelet!

Gray Gemstone & Aqua Glass Bracelet!

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It’s so awesome when you find just the right colors to play off each other. What am I talking about? The way the aqua Czech glass complements the African Turquoise, then popping once again with a blue Lapis Azuli Beas.

Next, circle around to some grays - a playful Hamsa Hand, a Czech glass cross medallion - and then travel right back to the start. 

What’s amazing are the natural colors of the 10mm gemstones!  The shapes, round and rondelle; the finish, smooth and faceted! All of this in one little bracelet. 

RAelements takes a lot of pride in finding the elements within our collections. We travel around the world for inspiration and product.

Thank you for shopping with us and sharing our dream. 🙏 We truly appreciate your business!