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Gorgeous Chakra Gemstone Necklace!

Gorgeous Chakra Gemstone Necklace!

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What a beautiful and fun Chakra necklace! A 🌈 rainbow journey, indeed!!! The colors of the 8mm amethyst, lapis lazuli, iridescent tiger eye and jade are bright and so HAPPY!  And it’s just as pretty from the back view!

This extraordinary 16” necklace is finished with a sparkly diamond clasp. The faceted semiprecious stones are bold enough to wear with any size pendant. We’ve shown a few examples - a diamond Cross, an Om, a sweet Dove and a Heart.

We have many charms that are not on the site yet (working to get every on ASAP). If there’s something you are looking for, chances are we have it. Just ask!

are the concentrated energy centers of the body. Chakra is a Sanskrit term and it means “wheel” or “disk” and is derived from the root word “cakra”. ... Chakras have the loving responsibility of taking in, incorporating and emanating energy to keep us functioning at optimal levels.