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Contrasting Gemstone Bracelets!

Contrasting Gemstone Bracelets!

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It is so difficult to capture the luster and beauty of the various creamy white stones in pictures. But man, are they gorgeous! The perfect neutrals for any outfit! And you can twist them for so many looks! White, gray or mix it up!!!

We’ve taken an array of grays, glorious grays, and designed three unique and compatible bracelets, each with an identity all their own!

Contrasting Turtle Bracelet is so sweet. The bright charm is tied in with two metallic beads with texture. One etched Mala bead and grounded with one faceted brown jade. Love it! The labradorite has some blue flash.

Contrasting Heart Bracelet has some very flashy white beads, some iridescent, a coin bead and even a carved one! We adore this little 🐘 elephant! The heart brings it all together. This is a subtle look with a lot of charm!

Contrasting Ganesha Bracelet is packed with so many fun beads. The deep gray rondelles offset the rich, almost cherry brown gemstones. It’s awesome! Floating g around to the flashy whites and to es back down with a darling sideways cross and a simple sparkly metal bead. Ganesha is bright and happy! 🥰